Energy Healing

Hi, I'm Doctor Lenny. I have the ability to "see" and "heal" at a distance. This happens in this way. I have the ability to empathetically feel your body, psychically "see" a problem or just "know" what is there or any combination. The following is a general pattern or procedure I follow:

  • Increase energy in ground cord [chakra].
  • Begin at the cranial bones and align these.
  • Move to Neck Vertebra, align both vertebra and disks.
  • Align wrists, hands, arms and shoulders.
  • Align Thoracic [rib] Vertebra and disks.
  • Align Lower Back Vertebra and disks.
  • Align Hips [ball and socket].
  • Align Feet and Knees.
  • Balance Chakras [with aid of appropriate colors].

The nice part is being able to see what needs to be fixed and what doesn't and doing only what is necessary. I have a few testimonials that will aid in this understanding.

The procedure for setting up a phone session is:

  • 1. Make Credit card payment of $60 at this site.
  • 2. Send an e-mail alerting me you've made a payment and We'll set up a time. We're in the Mountain Time zone.
  • 3. A phone session generally lasts 20-30 minutes and you can call at the designated time, we'll let you know the phone number in a return email.
  • 4. Follow the link to the payment site. Energy Healing

The benefits of long distance healing are after being balanced you can rest,  no gas involved and no travel time.

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I can't even begin to express how practical, easy and liberating it is...
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